Typology of intra- and cross-sectoral circularity initiatives in agriculture, aquaculture and forestry

The interdisciplinary team of CIRCLE researchers have jointly identified and gathered information on a set of over 100 initiatives intra- and cross-sectoral circularity in agriculture, forestry and aquaculture (AFA) in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Norway, which has served as a basis for elaborating an initial typology of these initiatives. While there are different categorisations of circular initiatives already available across different domains, the present attempt takes a specific focus on the selected bioeconomy sectors involving a wide diversity of valuable bioresources to arrive at a typology with underlying concepts that allow capturing specific aspects characterising the complex circularity of bioresources within and between the AFA sectors.

The produced report outlines a typology of intra- and cross-sectoral initiatives of a circular use of residual AFA bioresources built in the CIRCLE project, providing a concise and structured overview of the initiatives within each of the six identified types. The typology is built around the sectoral and organisational flows of the specific bioresource, resulting in various combinations characterising the level of interconnections between individual AFA (and selected non-AFA) sectors and the level self-sufficiency of the arrangement.

Please read the full report for more information on the development of the typology and the country-specific examples illustrating the different types of initiatives.

Image: Catkin from Pixabay