#1 Certification of digestate under end-of-waste regulation: procedures and benefits 

Stefanie Siebert, Executive Director of European Compost Network (ECN),“The EU Fertilising products regulation: Challenges and perspectives for digestate”: presentation

Mait Kriipsalu, Estonian University of Life Sciences (Estonia), “Certification of digestate under end-of-waste regulation”: presentation

Record of the webinar

#2 Circular business models and collaborative arrangements

Miķelis Grīviņš, Baltic Studies Centre (Latvia), et al.,”Circular business models and collaborative arrangements”: presentation

Alberts Auziņš, Ieva Leimane, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics (Latvia), “Socio-economic cost and benefit analysis: approach to assess the societal desirability of circular business models”: presentation

Record of the webinar

#3 The politics and practice of care in the circular economy

Aistė Bartkienė, Renata Bikauskaitė, Diana Mincytė​, Vilnius University (Lithuania), “Towards an Ethical Relation with Waste: Circular Economy and the Ethics of Care”: presentation

Diana Mincytė​, CUNY, Vilnius University, et al., “Social dimensions of the circular economy: Consumer perspectives and the politics of care in industrial agriculture”: presentation

Record of the webinar

#4 Where to go with the circular economy? – Insights from four scenario workshops with stakeholders in the Nordic-Baltic region 

Emils Kilis and Mikelis Grivins, Baltic Studies Centre (Latvia), “National scenario workshops – our approach”: presentation

Talis Tisenkopfs, Baltic Studies Centre (Latvia), Kristiina Kerge, Estonian University of Life Sciences (Estonia), Ieva Sakelaite, Vilnius University (Lithunia), Marita Uglem Remøy, Ruralis (Norway), “Insights from four scenario workshops with stakeholders in the Nordic-Baltic region”: presentation

Record of the webinar