News from AREI team

Authors: Albers Auziņš, Ieva Leimane

In the last months, the researchers of the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics (AREI) were engaged in numerous activities of the CIRCLE project. The most recent activities are related to Work Package 6 Dissemination, Exploitations, Communication and Outreach.

On the 11th of January 2024, AREI team participated in CIRCLE webinar “Rethinking circularity in bioeconomy #2: Circular business models and collaborative arrangements” with the presentation about socio-economic cost and benefit analysis (CBA) as an approach to assess the societal desirability of circular business models (CBMs). The AREI team addressed the significance of socio-economic analysis in CBA and its advantages in substantiating the sustainability of choices related to business development. Another focus of the presentation delved into the methodology applied in CIRCLE case studies to evaluate the socio-economic costs and benefits of CBMs in agriculture, forestry and aquaculture. To wrap up, AREI team shared key insights and findings gained from the CBA.

On the base of the cost-benefit analysis of CBMs involving the use of insect (black solder fly, mealworm) larvae to process food leftovers (waste), AREI, EMU, RURALIS and VU teams are working on a joint scientific article about the socio-economic benefits of using insect larvae in animal (also fish) feed instead of animal-based ingredients. AREI team is leading the work on this joint paper as well as is contributing to other joint CIRCLE papers.