New CIRCLE team members from Ukraine 

Authors: Sandra Šūmane, Oksana Žabko, Svetlana Shvaichenko, Yuliia Pastushenko

Since April 2023, Svetlana Shvaichenko and Yuliia Pastushenko joined the BSC team. Both are Ukrainians and are living in Latvia for one year. Their involvement in the CIRCLE project was made possible through additional funding allocated under the Baltic Research Programme for the involvement of Ukrainian researchers. BSC team was willing to express its solidarity with Ukrainian people in the war and support Ukrainian professionals to pursue their careers. 

Svetlana is an experienced public relation specialist, and collection of information and establishing new collaboration networks was a part of her previous work. Yuliia holds a master’s degree in business analysis and information technology, and has worked with big data. Their expertise brings in new competences in the project. As their first task in CIRCLE, Svetlana and Yuliia have started to identify cases of circular bioeconomy initiatives in agriculture, forestry and aquaculture sectors across Ukraine.  This task also includes comparison of Ukrainian experience with those from the Baltic Sea region. The activity will enrich the collection of circular initiatives in the Baltic countries and Norway. Svetlana and Yuliia will also contribute with more in-depth investigation of selected Ukrainian examples and public policy analysis that will lead to will develop recommendations on circular bioeconomy development for the Ukrainian policy-makers and businesses. This contribution is especially relevant in scope of the entry into force of the Law “On Waste Management” adopted in June 2022 in Ukraine, which implies compliance with waste management standards adopted in the European Union, and, in particular, the active implementation of projects in the field of circular economy.