Exploratory visit in circular bioeconomy sites

BSC team together with the students from the University of Latvia went on an exploratory tour to inquire about circular use of bioresources on the farm Lielkrūzes, sawmill of Stora Enso and the municipality of Smiltene. Lielkrūzes and Stora Enso show that there are suitable circular solutions for very different business models. Lielkrūzes is an environmental farm with embedded circular practices: a range of farm’s bioresources circulate between fields, forest, ponds, livestock, household, tourism and ecosystem services. Stora Enso, in turn, represents circularity in an industrial environment. The company’s key business line – production of wooden boards – has been extended to circular production lines for bioresource flows. By-products such as ash are transformed into fertilizer for agricultural use and sold to local farmers, and chipwood – into pellets for heating.