Discovering the potential of biogas production in Southeast of Estonia

University of Life Science is working hard increasing knowledge and contributing to projects that promote circular economy and support sustainable environment in Estonia. An important contribution is to promote local rural life and find solutions for smaller farmers. In Southeast of Estonia, an new project is starting were Rando Värnik and Mait Kriipsalu from EMU team share their knowledge and experience about biogas production and positive impact of cooperation.

The aim of the project is to map and analyse possibilities and needs of biogas production in Southeast of Estonia. Project is funded from Development Center of Võru County’s Southeast of Estonia program that supports regional cooperation. More than 50 farmers and stakeholders participated in the first seminar in 17th of October.

The Development Center board member pointed out three main aspects what project aims:

1. Mapping available bioresources in Southeast of Estonia and proposing possible biogas production plants ideas. This will be basis to offer value propositions to potential investors for the construction of biogas plants.

2. Giving the farmers and other bioresources owners opportunity to use the resource more efficiently and encouraging cooperation.

3. Increasing local energy production from existing resources which is especially important in today’s energy security situation.

This project will be also giving good knowledge for CIRCLE project – what are the farmers fears or obstacles or how to encourage farmers cooperation etc. In the first seminar, farmers already pointed out their doubts about quality of the digestate or weed seeds in digestate.

R. Värnik pointed out that the end goal should be producing biomethane from biogas. For example, in Tartu whole public transport runs on biomethane or in Lithuania there are hybrid of biomethane and electric tractors for professional farm use. In the context of circular economy and green turn, Rando encouraged to think in the same direction.

The project’s deadline is at the end of this year and the results will be presented to stakeholders in January 2023. EMU team hopes to gain additional knowledge from this project that also helps understand and explain different positive and negative aspects in the CIRCLE project.

Rando Värnik (top) presenting possible business models for biogas production in the first seminar.