List of deliverables

1.115 Theory primers
1.2Report on media analysis
1.3Interdisciplinary conceptual and analytical framework
2.1Taxonomy of intra- and cross-sectoral circularity initiatives
2.2Report on intra- and cross-sectoral linkages, incl. a tool for measuring circularity at enterprise level
2.3Report on end-of-waste readiness
3.112 case study reports
3.2Case study synthesis report
4.1Report on the current consumer behaviours and understandings of the circular economy, comparing results from all four countries
4.2Policy-oriented summaries of findings based on 24 exploratory interviews and four focus groups
5.1Four reports on national scenario workshops
5.2Policy and practice recommendations. Five policy briefs
6.1DECO strategy
6.2Project website
6.3Four training webinars
6.4Final conference
6.5.1Peer-reviewed publication on interdisciplinary conceptualisation of intra-sectoral and cross-sectoral circularity
6.5.2Peer-reviewed publication on matching the by-product technologies and regulative frameworks
6.5.3Peer-reviewed publication on collaborative arrangements in circular economy
6.5.4Peer-reviewed publication on ethical considerations of circular economy from an environmental ethics perspective
6.5.5Peer-reviewed publication on collaborative governance arrangements of circularity in agriculture, forestry and aquaculture
6.6ERC Consolidator grant proposal on cross-sectoral circularity