CIRCLE case studies explored circular business initiatives in agriculture, forestry and aquaculture that valorise bioresource residues and by-products.

Summaries of the case studies:

HKScan Estonia: Slurry from pig farms (Estonia)

Võrtsukala: Adding value to bycatch (Estonia)

Fibenol: Novel way to produce high ​​purity lignin and wood sugars (Estonia)

VeryBerry: Berry cultivation and processing (Latvia)

Lielkrūzes: Circularity in a multi-functional farm (Latvia)

Auga Group: Vertically-integrated organic food company (Lithuania)

Ekofrisa: Ecological grain manufacturer (Lithuania)

Insectum: Waste management with insects (Lithuania)

Grønne Folk: Meals from waste vegetables (Norway)

Invertapro: Larvae production from food waste (Norway)

Svanem Biogas (Norway)