CIRCLE develops an interdisciplinary perspective on the circular economy in the Baltic-Nordic region by integrating insights from sociology, economics, philosophy, political science, and environmental science, and examining its all three – social, economic, and environmental – sustainability dimensions.

The project is funded within Baltic Research Programme of European Economic Area Grants. 



News from AREI team

During the last months, Institute of agricultural resources and economics (AREI) has been engaged in numerous activities of the CIRCLE project. First, AREI team in cooperation with Baltic Study Centre…


How to enable circular economy?

On 5 September CIRLCE organised an online discussion “Rethinking circularity in bioeconomy:  challenges, good practices and future perspectives”. This online event aimed to provide insight into good circular practices in…


New member of the CIRCLE-project!

I would like to introduce myself as a new member of the CIRCLE project. My name is Femke and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m an Innovation Management master student at…


Rethinking circularity in bioeconomy

Online discussion 5 September 14:00-16:00 (CET) on Zoom platform. Registration link: here. In the context of bioeconomy, circular solutions are considered a means to address climate and environmental challenges, and…

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