CIRCLE develops an interdisciplinary perspective on the circular economy in the Baltic-Nordic region by integrating insights from sociology, economics, philosophy, political science, and environmental science, and examining its all three – social, economic, and environmental – sustainability dimensions.

The project is funded within Baltic Research Programme of European Economic Area Grants. 



Studying circular business initiatives

The CIRCLE project consists of several research activities. However, at the core of the CIRCLE project is a set of case studies, that are expected to generate data to be…


Exploratory visit in circular bioeconomy sites

BSC team together with the students from the University of Latvia went on an exploratory tour to inquire about circular use of bioresources on the farm LielkrÅ«zes, sawmill of Stora…


News from AREI team

During the last months, Institute of agricultural resources and economics (AREI) has been engaged in numerous activities of the CIRCLE project. First, AREI team in cooperation with Baltic Study Centre…

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