CIRCLE develops an interdisciplinary perspective on the circular economy in the Baltic-Nordic region by integrating insights from sociology, economics, philosophy, political science, and environmental science, and examining its all three – social, economic, and environmental – sustainability dimensions.

The project is funded within Baltic Research Programme of European Economic Area Grants. 



Summer conferences

Authors: Anda Adamsone-Fiskovica, Mikelis Grivins, Diana Mincyte, Pia Piroschka Otte, Sandra Šūmane, Talis Tisenkopfs For CIRCLE researchers, this summer was rich with conference attendance. CIRLCE results were presented in five…


Local biogas plant shows circularity in practice

At the Svanem biogas plant in Hellandsjøen in Heim municipality, biogas and high-quality biofertilizer are produced based on local bioresources. The founder behind the village facility is the local farmer…


Consumer attitudes towards the circular economy

Authors: Aistė Bartkienė, Renata Bikauskaitė, Diana Mincytė, Ieva Šakelaitė One of the key objectives of the CIRCLE project, specifically within Work Package 4 (WP4), is to investigate consumers’ knowledge and…

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