CIRCLE develops an interdisciplinary perspective on the circular economy in the Baltic-Nordic region by integrating insights from sociology, economics, philosophy, political science, and environmental science, and examining its all three – social, economic, and environmental – sustainability dimensions.

The project is funded within Baltic Research Programme of European Economic Area Grants. 



CIRCLE project ends with the final conference

On April 10, CIRCLE final conference was held to share CIRCLE results and reflect upon them in a broader societal discussion on the development of the circular economy. The international…

Poster_CIRCLE Final conference_WCEF

CIRCLE final conference

On April 10, CIRCLE project is organising its final event – an international conference “Promoting collaboration for a sustainable and circular bioeconomy”. The conference will bring together experts with different…


Sustainable practices for recovery of Ukraine

Ukrainian adherents of responsible consumption carefully use resources and show concern for the environment even amidst wartime hostilities, demonstrating deep engagement and a wide range of sustainability practices. A team…

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